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The beginning, middle, and the end: how to read this blog

Today, I am finally putting into words all of the emotions and beautiful moments that have comprised the last thirteen years with my ex, Adam.

I have always thought of life as scenes in a movie… and summing up this relationship, it doesn’t fit into any category. This isn’t a romantic comedy, but it’s not a tragedy, either. There are moments that were blissful and hopeful and so full of love. There were moments that I didn’t think I could breathe another moment with him beside me.

This blog is separated into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. It’s not presented in chronological order, so you’ll have to laugh and cry and piece together the story through your lens.

I guarantee that you will recognize the emotions we’ve shared over the years – the butterflies and excitement of the first days, the comfort of being with your love for years, and the eventual pulling apart from someone that you never thought you could live without.

I am writing about this experience for my own healing, but also because my daughter loves to hear about our love story. It’s important to know that this story isn’t over – but it’s time to commit it to paper.

So join me for the ride of a lifetime. You’ve never heard a story like this before.

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