Self-care is a trending buzzword nowadays, and for good reason: never before has there been such a focus on one’s mental, physical and emotional well-being as part of our overall health. It’s SO posh right now.

There are a million and one ways to do an act of self-care. Basically, anything that helps you feel better, from coloring books to bubble baths to meditation to naps, can be self-care: as long as it’s impacting your life positively and not ADDING to the stress.

So many people get wrapped up in the idea of self-care and they overthink it. Self-care does not have to be huge, grandiose acts of expensive massages and acupuncture and yoga retreats to be beneficial to your mind and body.

I’m a tactile and visual person, so it made sense to me to have an actual *physical* self-care package to tap into whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated.

I set out to construct a kit that held all of my favorite things to bring me back to a happy and safe place whenever I found myself out of sorts. All of the items in my self-care kit are available at your local Walgreens or (links below).

To begin to compile items, think of your 5 senses and start to jot down items that you can collect that will remind you of your favorites:

  • What kinds of textures do you like to touch or feel when you are stressed?

  • What is your favorite treat that you run to when you’re having a bad day?

  • Your favorite scent?

  • What is a motivational quote or a photo that always gets you through the bad moments?

First, I chose a box that my sister had given me when I was a new mom. It was a keepsake wooden box and since my family lives thousands of miles away from me, this makes me feel like they’re just a little bit closer when I need them.

Inside, I put the following items:

  1. My favorite chocolate – I keep my favorite chocolate in the box, but I don’t keep an entire bar (because I would eat the whole thing!) I recommend keeping just individual servings in the self-care box. I put my extra special chocolate in here for when I really need a pick me up.

  • A jade roller! my all time favorite self-care item! The jade rolling over my skin is the perfect way to calm me down- and quick.

  • An eye mask (warm/cold)– these masks are great because you can microwave them to use them warm on aches and pains or chill/freeze to use cold, to help with headaches. Sometimes, I need to block out all of the light and just relax in sensory deprivation for a few minutes to find my center.

  • Spirit Junkie motivational cards– My favorite way to get guidance for the day! I shuffle the deck and pull a card out, using that as my mantra, getting me through anything I need to get through!

  • A squishy – any sort of stress ball will work for this. I got these 2 for $1 and I keep one at my desk and one in my self-care box. They’re great for fidgeting. (Also see fidget poppers and fidget spinners)

  • Kinetic sand – as a beach lover, I love sand and kinetic sand is such a tactile experience to play between your fingers if you’re looking to get your mind off of your troubles.

  • Vanilla bean lip balm – Vanilla is one of my favorite scents so I love to keep this lip balm on hand.

  • Sleep Pod wearable blanket– this isn’t in my self-care box but it’s something that I use often. Often called an “adult swaddle”, this uses compression therapy to “hug” you. This is perfect for overstimulation or when just need a hug but don’t want to deal with you know, people. I burrow myself into it and sleep all night long!

I hope you enjoyed my DIY self-care kit! I can’t wait to see what you put in yours! Leave your ideas in the comments!

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